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Hockey Stanley Cup 1

We've got it covered!

From pee-wee to the professional-level, ice hockey is fast, exciting and a dangerous game. Sharp skates, a rock-hard puck and heavy duty wooden sticks can do much damage to vulnerable areas like ankles, lower legs, wrists, forearms, neck and even stomachs and lower-backs - which is where specialist products made with Dyneema® came into play: Stronger than steel, lighter than water, better than Kevlar.


About the Fabric

DYNEEMA® - Stronger than Steel, Lighter than Water, and Better than Kevlar

Cut Level 3 Rating - Protection you wear under your equipment to keep you Safe, Dry and Comfortable. The white areas of the clothing are the protected areas.

  • Cut Resistant Requirements: Cut Index >5 (=LEVEL 3) in accordance with EN 388:2003 clause 6.2 Blade Cut Resistance. This was confirmed with SATRA Technical Services Report dated 29th October 2004: mean 6.10 and mean 6.57 respectively.
  • Thermal Insulation: Use of high-tech hollow fiber with air lock for permanent insulating performance, as this technology offers maximum warmth while being lightweight and counteracting evaporative cooling (shivering).
  • Humidity Management: The larger fiber surface enables quicker evaporation by swiftly moving wetness away from the skin to the textile surface.
  • High wearer comfort: The extraordinary breath ability resulting from the above features is increased by the soft and comfortable texture of the material.
  • High bi-elasticity: Light-weight material and great ease of the movement result in reduced physical stress.
  • Minimization of odor: The anti-microbal property of the textile reduces bacteria growth by 99.9% in accordance with the Shake flask test ASTM E 2149-01.
  • Human Ecological Requirements: A certificate confirms fabric to be in compliance with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 of product class 1 (for infant wear) confirming that human-ecological requirements of this standard have been met.

OEKO-TEX® Factsheet

Cut Level 3 Datasheet