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About the Fabric:  

   Product line

  • Underwear sets (t-shirts, short and long sleeves with round neck, trousers long john)
  • Polo shirts, short and long sleeves
  • Sweat shirts, long sleeves, round neck
  • Trousers to go with sweat-shirt
  • Fleece-jackets, trousers and suits
  • Overalls
  • Hoods (single layer)
  • Hoods (double layer)
  • Socks

   Colour range:

  • anthracite grey, pigment dyed
  • navy blue, pigment dyed
  • olive green, pigment dyed
  • paris blue, pigment dyed
  • petrol, pigment dyed
  • sage green, pigment dyed
  • black, pigment dyed
  • unbleached white
  • Other colours upon request

Permanent protective work wear with a large offer of colours, weights and garments, attractive as city wear and tunable on corporate identity concepts.

Pigment dyed colours:

Due to the spun dying process (polymerisation) pigment dyed colours offer the highest colour fastnessess to light, to washing, to rubbing (dry/wet), to perspiration (acid/alcaline) and dry-cleaning.

Protective capabilities:

  • Testing and classification according to EN ISO 11612:2008:
  • Limited flame spread according to EN ISO 15025: Code A1
  • Convective heat according to ISO 9151: Code B1-B2
  • Radiant heat according to EN ISO 6942: Code C1-C2
  • Index and consistency index for limited flame spread according to EN 533: 1997
  • Index for limited flame spread: index 3
  • Consistency index: 3/5x60

The protection is permanent:

NOMEX® brand fibre blends are engineered to protect the wearer. The fibres offer a high level of thermal insulation, only start to carbonise at around 380° C and neither melt nor drip, even at extreme temperatures. Removed from the heat source, NOMEX® is self extinguishing. NOMEX® Comfort contains anti-static fibres with a P140 carbon core. They help to increase safety levels in environments where highly flammable gases and dusts are present. P140 also helps to reduce the electrostatic charging often associated with man-made fibres. The danger of sparking is reduced by the antistatic characteristics according to ENpr/EN 1149/3.

Increase of wear comfort by:

- Antibacterial properties

We modify our garments with antibacterial properties. This reduces the increase of odour bacteria >99% according to Shake Flask test ASTM E 2149-01 (bacteria reduction test).

- Hydrophilic properties

We modify our garments with a hydrophilic property. This helps to increase the moisture wicking and transport rate. A textile product is better regarding wear and comfort with a smaller index IB (the best transport capacity). Functional underwear should have a water vapour permeability index imt of >0,40.

This makes NOMEX® Comfort the first choice for a wide range of applications such as:

  • Comfortable protective and work clothing, even in the toughest working environments
  • Flame resistant underwear as a secondary protective barrier
  • Casual apparel for workers on offshore drilling rigs
  • Station uniforms for fire-fighters

Making sure employees want to wear their personal protective equipment helps to reduce injuries.

Nomex® - registered trademark of DuPont
ProClima® und ProFire® - registrated trademark of FUCHSHUBER TECHNO-TEX GMBH: www.fttex.com