About the Company

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PAZ Performance Clothing uses the very latest in fiber technology to bring the safest and most comfortable cut resistant fabrics to the performance apparel market. Special fabrics were created to address the protective needs of athletes in the hockey market as well as providing base layer protection for law enforcement personnel, petroleum industry employees, and glass workers. The most important cut resistant garment for each of these consumers is the clothing's strength, durability, and comfort. BLADE BUSTER® products provide all of the elements with the use of Dyneema®. The properties of this material are incredibly strong, even after consistent washes and exposures to UV light. Dyneema® is a hollow fiber, and it is the strongest fiber in the world. In addition, all of the BLADE BUSTER® products are amazingly comfortable because the fiber is built directly into the garment rather than placed between layers of fabric. This makes for a much more comfortable and light product. Let's face it, if something is not comfortable... who wants to wear it? 


President & CEO  - Allan Pasloski


BLADEBUSTER® is the result of several years of research and development by PAZ Performance Clothing. BLADE BUSTER® was created using the very latest in fabric technology to create the most comfortable and protective garments on the market today. These patented designs were created with safety and comfort as the two key priorities. After his son received a serous skate cut to his leg in 2008, Mr. Pasloski looked for clothing that would reduce the potential of a fatal accident resulting from a skate blade cut. After looking at products and fabrics that were available, Mr. Pasloski felt a new fabric was needed to meet the products requirements. The primary goal was to create clothing that was not only safe, but would be something players would feel comfortable wearing. Various fabrics were tested, but none fit the requirements. After two years of research, a company was found that could create the fabric with the properties needed to fill the safety and comfort requirements. BLADE BUSTER® was formed to the brand name for the new protective hockey clothing.

PAZ Performance Clothing continues to work on new products that bring both safety and comfort to the hockey industry. We are proud to say that the BLADE BUSTER® product line uses the highest quality fibers, and that each garment is made in Germany ensuring top level craftmanship.


Director of Product Development - Dave Manson


"Having had the privilege to play 16 years in the NHL, I was able to see first hand the damage a skate blade can do to the body. Now that I am retired and coaching, I still see these accidents happening at the minor hockey level and junior level. Having to watch my son suffer through two incidents of skate blade cuts to his arm and stomach are very hard for both player and parent. With the game being played in condensed areas of the ice, the chances of coming into contact with a skate blade are more likely now than ever. One way to protect against this type of injury happening is with cut proof clothing such as Blade Buster." - Dave